Essential Oil Stills

7.5 gallon essential oil still from Mike's Stills7.5 gallon Stainless Steel Essential Oil Still - Call for Price and Availability.

Our essential oil distiller is optimized to be used for steam distilling essential oils, not alcohol, which makes it especially quick and efficient at producing essential oils. We have fine-tuned our stills over the course of 10+ years, to improve yield and safety. This is a production level still which allows you to efficiently distill multiple batches of plant material. It takes apx 40 minutes to distill essential oils from a batch of plant material, which it is up to three times quicker than other stills it has been tested against. It is so easy to use that one person can run loads alone.

An Essential Oil Still is used to distill many types of essential oils (e.g Lavender, Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Redwood, Cedar, Spearmint, Catnip and many others). You can use the oils for soaps, aroma therapy, massage therapy and just about anything you can think of.

The system shown includes:

- 7.5 gallon Essential Oil Still
- Condenser
- 2 baskets
- Burner
- Hook for basket removal
- Bucket for hydrosol
- Oil separator
- Glass cup for oil
- Stand for oil cup

Overall height is 58 inches and the footprint is 51 inches by 36 inches. Please email us, or fill in our quick and easy contact form, to get more information and pricing for our essential oil stills.

Click here to download the PDF manual for the still.

Click here to watch our YouTube video on how to operate the still.

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