Distillation Services

Natalie in the stillMike's Essential Oils Stills has a 150 gallon still which makes it quick and easy for them to distill plant materials for their customers. Mike developed the big essential oil still to be just as efficient as the smaller model, which means that you get more oil for your plant material, pay less for your oil, and get it quicker. Mike and Natalie distill crops for lavender farmers, forestry departments, aromatherapy business owners, and anyone interested in distilling botanicals into essential oils.

Mike and Natalie have distilled every type of plant material that they can get their hands on, and have a wealth of experience in steam distillation. They can advise you when it is the best time to distill a given plant, which parts of the plant have the most oil, the best way to prepare the botanicals, and so on.

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Mike's 150 essential oil distiller used for distillation servicesMike's 150 pound essential oil still loaded with Grand FirOil from Mike's Essential Oil Distillation Still

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