About Mike's Essential Oils Stills and Essential Oils

Mike's Essential Oil Stills is owned and run by Mike and Natalie Bochart of Newberg, Oregon. Mike has been distilling essential oils for more than 10 years. His father Butch has a lavender farm, and Mike began his fascination with steam distillation by helping Butch distill lavender using an old moonshine still that had been converted to distill essential oils instead of alcohol. Using his skills in metal working, fabrication, and welding, Mike set out to develop a more efficient still, optimized especially for essential oils.

Over the years Mike developed and used a number of different protypes. In 2011, he developed a production level essential oil distiller than he is happy with, and he began offering it for sale. He has many satisfied customers, including his lavender farmer father, Butch. Mike uses the still himself, and continues to optimize it regularly. He is active in the distillation industry, and offers his customers a wealth of experience in the steam distillation of botanicals.

Mike and Natalie use essential oils themselves and now offer their pure, quality oils for sale on a seasonal, limited availability basis.

Mike Bochart of Mike's Essential Oil StillsMike Bochart and familyMike with prototype still

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